Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A request

How would you describe the best coffee you've ever had? The worst coffee? Mediocre coffee?


Nick Klaus said...

the worst coffee I've ever had can be described thusly:
a handful of coins in hot water, into which the most pitiful excuse for java has been added.
good coffee is hard to describe. it's like good chocolate.

Colin Welch said...

Good coffee makes you forget you're drinking something that sends such a shock to your system that it can give you heartburn, headaches and mess with your digestive tract.

No, in all honesty, good coffee is hard to describe. Mediocre coffee is easier - it's something you drink without tasting, because its proximity to great coffee is painful, because it's just not quite there.

I once read a monologue (so to speak) about how bad coffee is almost the best kind, because it reminds you of all of the amazing cups you've had -- instead of just one cup, you get all of the best cups.

Carolyn said...

Coffee in general is gross. I remember trying to drink some during finals several times, and no matter what I do to it, it just doesn't taste good. It tastes....bitter.

Bobby said...

Bad coffee tastes like bitter, burnt motor oil, okay coffee is...okay. It's not burnt, but there isn't anything beyond a slight bitterness. I think that okay coffee doesn't have much taste. Klaus was right when he said good coffee is hard to describe like good chocolate. But I think that it's balanced -- strong, but not too bitter to offset the balance, and smooth. Coffee that really lets you taste the real coffee taste.

Jamie said...

the motor oil and the coins in hot water are fabulous descriptions. i think of burnt french toast sans sticky sweet mixed with the smell of burnt popcorn.

mediocre is like cheap alcohol, it tastes bad, but because you can swallow it you do because it'll get the job done.

good coffee is warm (which is strange for me to write because i dislike warm drinks), but yes, warm, and satisfying. it sorta rests in your stomach happily.