Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I only have one thing to say

Mmmmmmm guacamole. Okay, it's caf guacamole, so it isn't nearly as good as say Danny's guacamole, but it's still pretty good and fills that avocado void in my life.

I guess I have more than one thing to say. I will write for real things like prose and poetry soon. I tried last night, but I wrote a poem I am not comfortable posting and some terrible prose. I am going to start a story about a boy and a blizzard though as per the request of Colin and Martin. As for the moment, I will continue to write blogs that say things like "Mmmmmm guacamole," because I like the pointless blogs of others and I am working off the golden rule (I would like others to post lots of pointless blogs and so I do this myself).

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