Monday, January 26, 2009

Ich verstehe nichts

My teeth hurt I am grinding them so much. I hate midterms and the fact that everything else in life always becomes stressful when I have midterms. Today sucks because I have to study for a German test that I don't understand and tomorrow will also suck because I actually have to take the test I don't understand. Then I have to write a paper. Next week should be better, besides the fact that I am going to the first funeral of my life. I'll be glad to see my family.


Colin Welch said...

Funerals are always sad, even if you didn't know the person well. Even I was sad at my Grandpa's funeral, and I met him like 3 times.

My uncle Larry's funeral was a lot harder though. I was pretty emotional, and the rest of my family was pretty much out of control; even my dad started crying a bit.

I don't remember my cousin Charlie's funeral, interestingly enough. I remember afterwards, in a park. People happy. It was a happy/sad.

glowithlove said...

You will survive this week Tasha. I just know it. Funerals are hard, but I know that you can handle that too. If it all gets to be too much we can go outside and scream. It helps sometimes.