Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not a liberal before thirty, no heart, still a liberal after thirty, no brain

Sometimes I wonder if I'm lacking in some social ability when my roommate is on the phone with her girlfriend. They constantly talk about getting married and how in love they are with one another and how beautiful they think the other one is, and argue about who loves each other more. Things like this scare me. I would blame it on being a child of divorce, by my roommate is also a child of divorce. It's not that I lack the ability to have strong feelings for someone, that is definitely not the case. These are things that come inside my head and then I make them leave because it is too overwhelming. I've never been a writer of love notes or even love poems unless it's unrequited. I only write about relationships when they are over.

After class today I came back and slept for a few hours. I woke up and checked my emails to find that the German movie "Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei," was playing which I had seen before, but I took different things out of it this time. In the film there are two guys who like to break into the houses of the wealthy and rearrange their furniture and put their valuables in strange places (like the refrigerator) and then once they are done they leave notes that say "Your days of wealth are numbered," or "You have too much money." Well one time they get caught, along with the girlfriend of one of the guys and they kidnap the wealthy man and take him to the mountains. The whole film is kind of a commentary on how to start a revolution in the modern world when nothing gets a reaction anymore. How not to become a conservative capitalist once you have a career. The film deals with a lot political issues I try to work through. How do you live your life and not sacrifice your beliefs? I'm making the movie sound really political (which it is), but it's really well done and everyone should watch it. The English title is "The Edukators." When I was done with the movie I was so conflicted about every single thing in my life that I went and worked out for an hour. Maybe if I had more homework this term I wouldn't worry so much.


Colin Welch said...

Not having homework is driving me up the wall. I'm with you there. Luckily for me, I will have plenty of work next week. Find a hobby that takes up brainspace?

Tasha said...

Any suggestions? I've checked a ton of books out of the library. I'm knitting mittens. These things do not seem to be enough.

Sandy Caribou said...

gail gave me a b. because she's a b. if you know what i'm saying. italian dinner next week? i'm organizing a reunion for us.