Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's not like I really need an outlet to talk about myself

That "25 things" is going around facebook and I really really want to do it. However, I don't really want to tag 25 people and doing it and not tagging people seems vain, so I thought I would just do it on here which is my outlet for vanity.

1. I like bread products a lot. I used to work in a building behind Breadsmith and it was the best thing ever. Then a charter school came in, making it way harder for me to get my bread fix.

2. I don't like to eat cows. They don't taste good. I also don't like to eat pigs very much, but I love bacon.

3. I almost never wear pants. I think my legs are clausterphobic.

4. The truth: I did not understand very much poetry until last year, when something just clicked and now I am a frequent poetry reader.

5. Phones make me very nervous. If I call you I either really need to get ahold of you or I really like you a lot. I like texting though.

6. I am scared of almost everything.

7. My dad is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I'm not sure if he knows this.

8. I love the German language and I am slowly trying to learn it.

9. I like a lot of poetry by feminists of color like Dawn Lundy Martin and Cherrie Moraga because I can relate to it, even though my skin is quite white. I think I relate to the feelings of alienation.

10. I have been working at the Art Academy since I was 15. I will probably continue working there until I'm 95.

11. I have good technical art skills, but I don't usually create emotionally meanful visual art.

12. I have really vivid dreams almost every night and they often include many of my friends.

13. I can't dance or sing at all, but I really wish I could. I like going to dance shows, but I get really bitter because I can't do what they are doing.

14. I get told to relax a lot, but relaxing just isn't my style. I like to do things. Do things with a plan.

15. After I graduate I want to go live in Germany for a while. I want everyone I know to come with me, especially the people I know that speak German. Honestly, if you want to come live in Germany with me, we'll do it.

16. I like snakes a lot. I want one as a pet. I also kind of want one as a tattoo, but I want it to be a pretty snake. I like it that they are both a phallic symbol and indicative of women. Also, they like to lie in the sun a lot like I do.

17. One time when I was six I wondered what would happen if I bit my brother, so I bit him and he started screaming and my mom couldn't figure out what happened.

18. I try to live by altruistic values.

19. I am not good at moderation. I don't really do things in small amounts.

20. I have a cabin on an island that was homesteaded by my great great great great great grandfather, William Coryell.

21. I like to be outside a lot. I get cabin fever in the winter and then I try to go outside and my body parts turn numb.

22. I take a nap almost every afternoon.

23. I like to sleep in the fetal position or as a spoon.

24. I don't like to play video games because I feel like they are socially isolating.

25. I'm not very happy when I'm on the computer and yet I spend a lot of time on the computer. I'm not sure why I do this.

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