Monday, November 24, 2008

Sometimes I confuse myself with fictional characters

I need to stop reading trashy novels about witty Irish girls. I start to think like a witty Irish girl that drinks too much and spends too much money on shoes. While it's debatable whether or not I drink too much and I just bought a pair of purple suede boots, this is not actually my personality. Also, I start thinking that people can read my thoughts like I read thoughts in books, and no one is actually reading my thoughts, therefore there is no reason for my thoughts to be witty other than the fact that I quite like to tell people what I'm thinking.

Atleast 1 and 3/4 pages to go. 9:58pm. Cups of coffee: 2


Colin Welch said...

Thinking wittily can be entertaining though. I get this.

Tasha said...

Uh huh. Especially when you are in a dark apartment writing a paper. I've made myself laugh many times tonight with my witty Irish thinking.