Friday, November 28, 2008

I always seem to be going home in ten days, never more, never less

I keep getting good grades on things and I don't understand because it takes me like two hours to write painfully bad pages on papers right now. Any ways, I thought I would update my list of things I have to do in order to make myself feel better about having to do work.

Here is my original list:
1. Creative project or paper (I am going to try and write a series of poems for this, but I have to call my professor about it).
2. Short paper (500 words.)
3. Short paper about Lorenzo (2 pages).
4. Test about Medici things..... (too hard).
5. Paper about the Spanish chapel in Santa Maria Novella (I forget how long).
6. Test about art and politics in trecento art..... (too hard).
7. Italian final.

Now all I have to do is:
1. Half of my creative project (six more poems.)
2. Test about Medici things.
3. Test about art and politics, but this test includes two take home essays that are several pages long enough.
4. The palace walk, which I've already done, turned it, but I did so poorly on it she gave it back to me and told me to do better.

That doesn't actually look that bad anymore. Maybe I will actually post some poetry later.

Here is what the inside of my head looks like: "Home, home, home, home, home, home."

Last night I called my dad and my brother to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and they were betting how many drinks I had. My brother guessed seven. That probably wasn't that far off, but the large majority of it was wine.

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Tasha said...

I'm done with number 4!