Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friendship (poem #6)

"I know every single person in this goddamn city
and I am still alone."

A statement condemning.
Even with electricity these buildings are dark.
The windows have shutters that let through only slivers
and I am surrounded by silence in the form of a person.

I read books:
Vonnegut, Alice Adams, Joyce Carol Oates, Joseph Heller, Anthony Burgess.
It got worse:
I read chick-lit for company,
books that are turquoise and pink.
I learned about relationships with shoes,
something intensified by stepping out onto the streets,
staring downwards.

"I see you walking by everyday,"
hunched over, perhaps unfriendly.

It is best described by the three Italian couples
we met sitting at Santa Croce;
couples like, "she's my best friend's girl,"
and they kiss and scream, "dormire,"
sticking tongues in each other's ears.

Friendship like being hit in the back with rocks,
when you are otherwise invisible.

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