Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maybe they are just content to peek inside your head every once in awhile

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. I never saw the baby, I gave birth (something I was also not present for) and then immediately went to the gym to work off my pregnant belly. Sadly, I forgot my sports bra at home and was going to turn around, but time jumped and if I wanted to make it to yoga class I had to go in at that moment. We had to take a train from the parking ramp and the gym and for some reason I was naked in front of a lot of men on the train. They kept smiling at me and I kept apologizing, because I was trying to put my clothes back on and it wasn't working. I went to yoga class and everyone had a sports bra but me. An old black woman told me if I put a carabiener (that is definately spelled wrong) on my locker keys, then I would fit in. I was much thinner in the dream than I am in actuality. I ran into some people I knew. All of them had babies too.

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