Thursday, November 20, 2008

I wonder if I can leave things untitled

Okay, I'm still sick or convinced I'm sick. I didn't go to class this morning, which is a first for me, but I'm going to the Accademia (where class was), with Allison this weekend any ways and I felt far to dizzy to stand up for an hour and forty-five minutes. I'm going to try and be productive. Here is what stands between me and home:
1. Creative project or paper (I am going to try and write a series of poems for this, but I have to call my professor about it).
2. Short paper (500 words.)
3. Short paper about Lorenzo (2 pages).
4. Test about Medici things..... (too hard).
5. Paper about the Spanish chapel in Santa Maria Novella (I forget how long).
6. Test about art and politics in trecento art..... (too hard).
7. Italian final.

That looks like a lot more than I thought it was.

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