Thursday, December 16, 2010

Went to a Christmas party in Wels only to find out there was snow everywhere and a lot of the people were big sissies and did not go. This did not dampen my spirits however, as I was so happy to be out and about in the world that I got sort of drunk and missed the train I meant to ride. This also did not dampen my spirits as I decided I could just sleep on someone's couch in Linz and take the early train back to Freistadt. The train was coming at 11:30, so we had our beers and then made plans to leave, but oh wait, our train was one hour and seventeen minutes delayed! So we had more beers and ate kebabs and happily made it to the train several minutes before the train pulled in at 12:50. There were some teenagers waiting to get on the train before us and the conductors actively started pushing them out of the train. Somehow it didn't occur to us that we wouldn't be able to get on the train if they couldn't get on the train until it started pulling away! So we called Holly and five people ended up spending the night in her room. I was very thirsty as I had drank a good amount of beer, but my mattress was on the floor in front of the door and I couldn't figure out how I would possibly be able to get out and so I lay there despairing for a long time. In the morning we finally managed to catch and train back to Linz and then I am ashamed to say I went to Mcdonald's for breakfast and it was so unsatisfying. Filled with grease on the inside, I caught my bus, slept most of the ride, went to school without changing, but the teacher I was supposed to help was already gone (I called in, so I'm not in trouble) and then stumbled home to shower, eat and sleep.

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