Sunday, December 19, 2010

I had a dream that my mom was a serial killer and another dream that I am not going to bring up and now I am awake at 4:30 in the morning. This is probably also because I went to sleep at 9.

So weekend: Friday went to Linz. Made dinner with Maddie and William and then proceeded to get very drunk at the Christmas party. Had a white elephant gift exchange. I got vodka. Of course. Because I really needed to get drunker than I already was after drinking sekt and rum. We went to a bar. I kept pretending I was in the U.S. by closing my eyes. Parts of the evening were slightly uncomfortable, but it was mostly okay.

Saturday somehow managed to still be alive and get a train to Salzburg where I met up with Becca and we went to the Christmas market. I ate a giant pizza pretzel (a pretzel with cheese and seasonings) and drank some gl├╝hwein and then we went to an Irish pub where there were lots of English speakers. I proceeded to start out the night of drinking very enthusiastically and then we went to a Christmas party full of teaching assistants from various countries, including English ones that I hadn’t seen since orientation. Since I was drunk, I managed to talk to a lot of people and dance a lot and stay out until quite late again.

Some other thoughts: An anonymous person was making out with one of the French teaching assistants who did not speak English or German. When it was time to go he said, “Get your shit together.” She did not understand and so he wandered around looking for someone to translate “Get your shit together.”

While it’s really terribly sad when other people feel noticeably hurt (noticeably to the point that I can tell they are hurting though I don’t even know their name), it sort of makes me feel better. Like, oh thank god, other people have shit in their lives and feel awful about it. Boys are such dicks (this is a statement for other people. Boys aren't particularly being dicks to me at the moment as there are very few boys that exist in my life right now.) 

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