Monday, December 20, 2010

I am reading a book based on a movie. I want my kindle right now. Also I've decided I need a crush in this country, because having one in another country is working out poorly for me.

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Ben C said...

You're getting a Kindle? Suh-weeet! You should definitely let me know if you like it, because I've been considering getting one for school. Anyways, now that I've thrust my gadget-lust aside, hope you're enjoying Austria!

I just got back to MN on Saturday, and it's fricking coooooold. And so snowy! I had all these grand ideas about getting out skiing and ice-skating for hours every day--but those plans were made back in warm, drizzly portland. Yesterday I managed to go the whole day without getting out of my pyjamas. Anyways, Minnesota is pretty standard. Merry Christmas and all of that! :)