Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life this past week:

Monday: Bonfire. Parks and rec kicked us out at midnight. It was a small crowd, but good. The bathrooms close too early in the park. Refused to pull a woodsy and took a bathroom break at my house.
Tuesday: Went to Paint your Plate with Jamie and then Danny joined us at Shish and we smoked hookah. Learned a lot about a lot of things. Tried to figure out what kind of girl I am.
Wednesday: 17 mile bike ride to Uptown. Shrimp curry at Catmandu with Danny.
Thursday: Minnesota is on my foot. Really excellent everything.
Friday: Hung out with Martin and Meghan. Slightly anti-climatic.
Saturday: Beat my dad and brother in hearts. Watched half of "Slumdog Millionaire." Went to Grand. Saw "500 Days of Summer." It was really fantastic.
Sunday: Bought a new laptop.

Life is just surprising and really good. I know that soon things will be more difficult, but momentarily I am going to enjoy it.

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