Sunday, August 23, 2009

I think I've posted about this before, but I'm going to post about it again. I have really vivid dreams almost every night. A lot of the time they are nightmares. I have two types of nightmares. I have scary-movie nightmares and real-life nightmares. Scary movie nightmares are usually where I'm being chased by something or the world is ending and I generally wake up slightly disturbed. A lot of these are reoccurring. I have lots of zombie dreams. Real life nightmares are when something happens that could happen in real life. It's usually something I'm afraid of happening. Waking up from these is awful, because I feel terrible the whole day. Part of me gets scared that it's real, even though it's illogical.

The worst dream I ever had happened years ago. I was on a boat with all of my friends and they all decided to kill themselves by jumping into the water. The captain said it was my fault and I had to go into an ocean full of bodies picking the right ones out.

That being said, I had a dream that I ate taco bell last night and now my stomach hurts.

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