Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I should always have a job. This is my fourth day of not having one. So far I have:
1. Watched hours and hours of bad television.
2. Gone to Ikea.
3. Painted.
4. Ate tacos.
5. Went to my bosses house with some of my coworkers.
6. Saw District 9. Who knew alien movies could be so sad?
7. Watched more bad television before falling asleep.
8. Woke up and watched more bad television.
9. Finally decided to do my laundry after running out of underwear. I have atleast three weeks worth of underwear if not more.
Next I will
1. Go to Ikea again.
2. Go for coffee.
3. Inevitably watch more bad television.
4. Go to the State Fair and stuff my face.

Inaction kills me.

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