Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is kind of a long story. If you have no stamina, skip to the star at the middle part.

The Coryells aren't very good with boats. Now you'd think that we would be good with boats seeing as how we have a cabin on an island called Coryell Island and my Grandfather was a captain in the navy, but we are bad with boats. Example: a few years back our extention dock was broken (we had to get an extention dock because of shallow water) and my Uncle Bruce, my dad's oldest brother, parked the boat at a dock on the other side of the island. That night it storms. He goes to check on the boat the next day and it isn't there: it's in the water. This is okay, the boat was really old, named "The Dread Knot," which shows how everyone felt about it. We decide to buy a new boat. My Uncle Jeff wants to look on Craig's List. He finds a cheap boat and my Uncle Eric meets with the owner and the owner is so nice Eric decides we should buy the boat without get it checked out. This goes poorly. It has many problems, lots of money is poured into the boat. My dad is the first one to drive it. It ends in him diving into the water to stop the boat from crashing into the shore in front of his cousins that he hasn't seen in fifteen years and they have to come save us. More money is poured into the boat. Finally the boat seems to be working well. I've been having a great time sitting on it and reading and drinking while my dad and brother fish.

*Cut to today. Every year my dad and brother go charter fishing with Captain Norm, who acts exactly how you would expect a fisherman in a small town to act. He's really conservative, says "oh" a lot and talks about his wife. This year I went along. It was really boring. I pulled in three fish and the rest of the time I was bored. We caught 8 lake trout and 2 salmon, one king and one atlantic. We reach shore and drive back to our boat. We get in and my brother realizes he's left two switches on for hours and hours. The boat doesn't start. There is a simultaneous cry of oh shit from all three of us. We start to panic. My dad says, "I'm going to Norm's." After banging on several doors my dad finally finds Norm. Norm tells us that we probably just pushed the kill swithc, because we are dumb city people after all (he didn't say this last part, I'm just adding it for affect). Nope, our battery is legit dead. Luckily Norm has an extra. He compliments our new boat saying, "I have a garbage boat too." He asks what happened to our old boat and my dad says, "My oldest brother sunk it." Finally we make it to the island.

We are bad with boats.

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