Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here's a section of what I'm working on, as I haven't posted writing in a long time:

Henry hums. Henry hums as he draws clouds, cows, and chickens. Henry hums as he draws humans with eight heads, a hum for every circle and a giggle. He draws a giant ant. He draws a human that looks like a giant ant. He wants to color them both red.
Henry cannot pronounce the letter S. He brought a fack, he says. He never feeps. At night he stays awake and fits in his mother’s lap, but he doesn’t feep. They try to put him in his crib, but he gets fared and crawls into the big bed.
Like many languages, Henry does not know what to do about the shhh sound in my name and so he drops it.
I spend a lot of time teaching Henry about white space. All he wants to do is fetch.
“Henry, there’s still white space on your picture.”
“Where? I want to fetch.”
I point to the massive uncolored areas between the scribbles.
“I already colored there, can I fetch now?”
I let him do it. I scribble back and forth, coloring in the area for him, coloring like him. On accident I go outside of the lines.
Henry fetches and I can never tell what he’s making.
“What are you drawing, Henry?”
“That’s a line,” he said. “And here’s another line and here’s a circle at the top.”
I ask him if he’s ever been to a museum.
“What’s a museum?” he says.
When his dad picks him up, he apologizes for Henry being tired. He was at Science Museum Camp all morning.

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