Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am reading poems by Ted Hughes

She was in love with a poet
a problem within itself.
Nobody should ever be in love
with poets and poets should definitely never be
in love with one another.

An agreement could be arranged perhaps?
I can take the bottle and you will take the suicide.
We can have sex on the kitchen table
because we both like the idea
not because it is comfortable.

I spent hours walking around without you
because I wanted to be melancholy.
How am I supposed to write
when you make me so goddamn happy?

If I stick my head in the oven,
there will be something to say.
I want you
to break me and then I will write a poem
about nature.


Colin Welch said...


I'm not sure how my girlfriend does it.

Tasha said...

I'm reading "Birthday Letters" by Ted Hughes which is basically a book of poems about how tragic Sylvia Plath was and how tragically in love with her Ted Hughes was.

I understand the appeal. I am horribly worried for my future.