Saturday, February 11, 2012

I feel very self-conscious about posting something I wrote right now. But I'm going to do it any way. I didn't get accepted into the U of M and all I want to do is write and this only reinforces my illogical believe in fate, which is not related to anything else I believe.

Yeah, so I wrote this when I woke up and I believe there is value in showing people raw things:

She had a dream that her stomach ached. When she woke she found that it was in fact aching and all the night before had meant was her dream-self telling other people in her dream, who were equally as much herself to wake up and take medication. People make jokes about how often teenagers sleep, as if exhaustion were funny. She no longer sleeps this much, but continues to tell everyone when she didn’t sleep well.

 She bought milk on her way back from work. As she put it in the refrigerator, she thought to herself, “I finally bought milk.” But it was gone by Sunday when she had to go out and buy milk again. She has a hard time remembering to clean out her car and do the laundry. She never thinks about socks until the morning.

Her father tells her that he’s found the cure for cancer, weight loss, and muscle tightness. She thinks it might be something revolutionary, but it’s only magnesium oil. When asked why people don’t use this more often, her father says, “Because people don’t like the word magnesium.” On occasion, she watches a show about people who are addicted to strange things, like eating couches and bras.

 The first time she travelled by herself she was ten and on a flight to California. The man next to her was traveling to Thailand. It was going to take twenty-four hours and all he had was a bag of chips, which he offered to her at the end of the flight. She wanted to take the chips, but remembered she wasn’t supposed to take food from strangers. Her tape came unwound. Most people were already using cds. Once it started unwinding, it continued to go until there was ribbon everywhere.

When she’s living by herself in foreign country her landlady gives her fruit in a bowl as a housewarming gift. She hoards the Äpfel and the Birne until the edges become soft and wrinkled and she cannot eat them anymore and is forced to through them in the food waste bin where they become covered with spaghetti sauce and noodles because it’s the only thing she knows how to make. 

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