Friday, May 20, 2011

Today part of one of my lessons we talked about things people can do in Freistadt:

"They can go to La Dolce Vita."
"What is La Dolce Vita?"
"A club for men who do not find love."
"So it's a strip club?"
"It is much worse than a strip club."

"They can cut the grass."
"You mean mow the lawn?"
"No, like when you drive around on the thing that cuts the grass."
"A lawnmower? So if you had a friend come to Freistadt you would say 'Let's go mow the lawn?'"

"They can drink alcohol in the park."
"This is what teenagers do in America!"

"What about when old people come to Freistadt?"
"They can come here and die."

I have learned so much about the city I've been living in today.

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