Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Foster Wallace talks a lot in Although of course you end up becoming yourself how books become a substitute for people, a filler for loneliness. I have always been a person prone to loneliness and prone to reading.  I want to blame my parents for paying for little attention to me for most of my life, but that's probably not accurate. I just could talk and talk and talk about my current unhappiness, but I will regret it later. I always feel guilty about feeling unhappy. Guilty and ridiculed as if the moment I become unhappy everyone will know (mostly because I tell them) and will make fun of me. Like "Tasha is a ridiculous person for being unhappy right now" and then in my head I get self-righteous and defensive about my unhappiness and declare "I have reason to be unhappy! My house is foreclosed and I spend way too much time alone and I am homesick" and then I just feel worse because there are so many goddamn reasons to be unhappy right now. I want to post a picture to make this blog more interesting and not just a list of complaints. Though to be fair, I often enjoy other peoples lists of complaints.

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Katie said...

Have you read his commencement speech at Kenyon? Monica told us to read it for portfolio.