Thursday, May 19, 2011

I feel inconsolable. The kind of bad where moving is difficult. I just need to leave. There are too many hours left. I feel fine when I'm with people. Yesterday I went to Linz and William and I went to the lake and sat in the sun and drank radlers and ate Cornitos, which are like bugles and cheetoes combined and aren't really as good as either of them, but they are okay. Then I went out to dinner at Chindia and ate something called Murgh Mikkani. Maddie and I went back to her place and watched tv shows and music videos and I felt fine. Returning this morning I felt utterly atrocious and spent the day lying in bed. This is so terrible. Hopefully the weekend will be good and pass by quickly and all of the rest of the days pass by quickly too.

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MaRoGrah said...

you will be in Linz on Monday AND Wednesday next week. Never fear!