Monday, February 14, 2011

I am in school, checking my email and reading blogs because I can't afford internet and have become too much of a recluse to go to Mcdonalds.

Things that have happened in my life lately:
I had a birthday party with dirndls and lederhosen and it was really good for awhile until I became too sober at the black music club (yes, we went to the black music club) and then spent a long time sort of dancing while I thought about how I think too much and that I primarily like drinking and dancing because I don't think while I'm doing it and clearly the problem was that I was not drunk enough and then had a very strange conversation about why I was upset, which confused me because I wasn't really upset at all, but grew increasingly agitated and upset as the conversation went on. I went home the next day in an outrageously crabby mood and put on my pajamas and moped about all day and took a nap until seven at night.
I will post pictures.

My students made American breakfast this morning and it was really good. We had scrambled eggs and hashbrowns and french toast and pancakes and real maple syrup. I stood around awkwardly most of the time because that is my main role as a teaching assistant in Austria, to stand around awkwardly pretending to be an expert on the English language purely because I am a native speaker. I am the really terrible sort of shy where I am fine speaking in front of a group of people, but as soon as I am supposed to do anymore interaction I shut down and cross my arms and give everyone who speaks to me a blank wide-eyed stare because I am so surprised they are talking to me. 

Nothing else has happened really. I am starting to enjoy being by myself all the time, which I find disconcerting. I want to want to be around other people, but most of the time I don't. I've decided this is because I need a vacation from my eternal vacation and when I go on vacation next week I will be extremely happy and pleased the whole time and everything will be fixed (though nothing is really wrong aside from the fact that I continue to be homesick and become more and more of a recluse everday).

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