Friday, February 25, 2011

Here is a brief description of my vacation:

Flew to Brussels, met Canadians, got crazy drunk, went to a party in the metro station, went to a bar where we were the only white people.

Met up with Becca ate Italian food for my birthday dinner and watched a super funny old BBC show and fell asleep.

Met Andrew, a guy getting a masters in Paris, walked around Brussels, ate fries and chocolate and drank loads of beer. Met some upper Austrians. Belgium beer is the best!

Went to Amsterdam. Was intimidated by the 10 other people in our room. Went for drinks in the Red Light district. Got asked "Are you two girls really here to play cards?" We said yes.

Went to the Anne Frank house. Felt very sad and teary eyed. Want to re-read Anne Franks Diary.

Went on a pub crawl. Had too much jaeger. Decided I didn't like jaeger anymore and kept drinking it anyway, using beer as a chaser. Met some English boys. They were nice.

Went to an Irish pub. I love BLTs. Am moving to Britain due to superior food options. Went to the Van Gogh Museum. Loved somethings, hated others. Saw "The Kings Speech." Am going to marry Colin Firth when I move to Britain.

Went to Cologne. Train ticket way too expensive. Saw Mallory! Surprise! Really happy to see Mallory. Ate Mexican food. Went out for drinks in student area. Fun.

Walked around Cologne. Impressed by Cathedral. Walked around shopping area. Found the best postcard shop. Found postcards for some people that have nothing to

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