Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fuck everyone.

Enough telling myself I am pretty and intelligent, because I am and it's not enough. What is enough? If I were skinnier what that be enough? If I were smarter would that be enough?  If I were in America would that be enough? Nothing would be enough. But you know what, fuck you, I am fine alone, I am fine reading fucking books alone, doing puzzles alone, I have people who like me. Maddie, and Blair, and William, and Becca, and Julia like me. People like me. Fuck you. I am a capable human being. FUCK YOU. Fuck, I am not even going to delete this in the morning as other people would because it is already too late. FUCK YOU. I am my own person. FUCK EVERYTHING YOU ARE. I don't care  if you read this. This has gone on too long. I am too self conscious. I want  to be everything. Perfect academic suburban pretty girl who can go out and have fun, but I am not all these things. I am lonely girl who writes about being lonely. FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU.

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