Friday, July 6, 2012

I suppose it's not really insomnia as I fell asleep before midnight, but I took 2 melatonin tablets and watched three awful episodes of Sex in the City. I get really fearful at night, not fearful of monsters and stuff, though I guess I am scared of that sometimes. Last night I tried to sleep with the light off and got the feeling that there was a monster standing by my bed, so I turned it back on as if this little lightbulb could make the scary things dissipate. I think light is part of the problem, as I've been sleeping with it off a lot of the time when I am not alone and thus when I am here alone, I am both alone and a light is on and I just get scared. It has occurred to me though that everyone feels this way, everyone it's scared to move to a new city and leave behind the people they really care about more than anything. I want to say "if you care about them more than anything, how do you leave?" but people do it all the time and I will and late at night I just picture myself driving the stupid U-Haul and crying. 

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