Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things I am scared might happen during my triathlon:
1. I find I cannot swim in a wet suit
2. I cannot put my wet suit on.
3. I cannot take my wet suit off.
4. People kick me so much that I start crying and drown.
5. I kick someone.
6. I get lost during the swim, bike, or run.
7. My transitions will be too slow.
8. I will fall off my bike.
9. I will not be able to clip in on the bike.
10. I bike too slow.
11. My back starts to hurt a lot.
12. My foot starts to hurt during the run.
13. My tri-suit begins to feel uncomfortable because you're not supposed to wear anything for long periods of time after swimming.
14. I have to pee the whole time.

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