Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do you ever feel sick when you see someone you made out with pose with a gross politician? Oh wait, you haven't made out with as many gross people as me. No, I should not eat some pizza even though I want to. Yes, I did eat half an organic frozen pizza for dinner, which was like 300 calories on top of the like 400 calories I had already eaten today plus 43956430967067945 calories of wine. I hate losing weight. In the words of a friend "It's much easier to lose weight when you have a lot of weight to lose." I am a healthy fucking weight, so losing weight is like pulling five teeth at the same time. I am clearly drunk to be talking about weight loss on the internet this much. Also texted people. Stupid. Will regret tomorrow when they don't soberly text me back. But have nice plans tomorrow with nice person. What if nice person reads this? Shit. Nice person will know I like them and think they are nice. Also spent time with nice people tonight. But not Nice Person. I tried to capitalize that whole sentence. I wish I weren't almost done with Misfits. I got Atmospheres newish album today. It's better than lemons. SPahhhhhgdfhfh i;hhi;t

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Grumpy Sam said...

i told nice person you think he's nice. you don't need to lose weight.