Friday, December 18, 2009

People turn into computers. Computers turn into people. Fuck you, computer people, for not be good enough, satisfying enough. For most of you I make excuses: real people don't act like this. But other computer people make me angry. Fuck your presence that is not presense.

Fuck six week breaks where everyone turns into nothing, but mostly I decompose. When I went to visit Perpich I told John that I spend all day doing yoga and knitting and he said, "But what could be better than that?" I need something to wind down from. I'm winding down from a down into a deeper down and now I'm stuck. I want to go up up up.


Martin Powers said...

I think you should rent/see the movie man on wire, go look at something artistic (like a museum or an art gallery or a concert or a ballet or a mime performance) and think that while you may not do _that_ much, you have the option to goto perpich or any of those things; you only have five weeks, six days left to do these things.
(add making snowmen/snow angels/snow related things to the list)
((also look at this:

Colin Welch said...

I like your link Martin. It made me feel very inspired to write this paper so I can go play in the snow. Can you believe that I haven't even thought about winter in terms of fun things to do during it? Laaaam.e


Tasha, I like what Martin has said here; there are things you can do, and you have limited time with which to do them! Enjoy life!

And... an angelfire link? Really?

Tasha said...

I've done/am doing those things!