Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm going to move to Ljubljana. All the pictures are stolen from Maija or William. 

We had to stand on the first train. The ticket guy laughed at us and said, "You should've made reservations."

On the second train they made us get off at a random town in Slovenia and get on a very crowded bus with a baby who made noises like a bird. It was okay though because William brought doppel kekse.

We walked by this building in Ljublana a lot. It has naked people on it. Matija the hostel worker told us he designed it for the men of the city to have something to look at. 

The ground had faces on it. 

All the statues in Ljubljana looked like they were fighting their way out of the stone. We don't know where that green light is coming from. 

Ljubljana was actually very nice and classy, except for this one alley which is clearly representative of it's communist days. 

A dragon tried to eat William and I.

We ate the biggest pizza ever. Our waitress spoke no English, but she laughed at us a lot. She was probably saying something like, "The fat Americans ate the whole pizza!"

Slovenia wine is the best. Also olives and cheese. This is where we met our best friend Bobby. 

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