Monday, November 22, 2010

I feel pretty terrible at the moment. You would think after a while I would get used to this and not care, but I do care. Every time I have these same little thoughts, but I still understand the inevitable. Nice little vagueries, right? I did not spell vagueries correctly. I don't care. Maybe I will write now. I just don't know. I will read some Sarah Manguso and some Sandra Cisneros. I will talk to people and tell them why people are awful, knowing that I am awful myself. I will write letters. I will spend a lot of time crying and think, "This moment will not possibly pass because I feel too terrible" and it will pass and I will feel better again because that is how things work. I will write in my blog more. I will curl up in the fetal position and miss sleeping with other people. I will curl up in the fetal position so long I will forget how nice it is to sleep with other people (I have done this before). But in the end it will be okay and I will move on and forget about everything.


bewaretheides said...

Read some Sarah Colangelo.

Tasha said...

I would love to read some Sarah Colangelo. I lay awake last night thinking about how I miss everyone.