Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night was the last Jazz Night of the school year. Lots of German club people were there, which is always enjoyable. It's refreshing to have a good time at the end of the year when I'm fed up with everything. Then I met up with John Williams, who was doing night photography, which was also quite enjoyable. Sadly, I woke at 8 in the morning due the the alcohol in my system disrupting my sleep patterns, but then I went to breakfast, a rare and pleasant occurrence.
Plan for the day: Meet with my advanced writing professor for the last time and go over my completed story. Last German 202 class! Then lunch of falafel (excellent), then work until she lets me leave, and then napping until I'm going to see a movie, and then I'm going to enjoy my last night of fun-making until I get home, as the next two days will mostly be devoted to studying for my German test. I think I can get a 4.0 for the term as long I get an A on the test, which sadly requires the reading of Egmont by Goethe, which is in German and difficult to understand. Now I'm just ranting, because I don't have anywhere to be until ten.

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