Thursday, May 3, 2012

My will is not very great as there was a large downpour around 10 this morning. I'm still going to go biking. I can't stop thinking about the Chinese food I am going to eat after dinner. Finished No One Belongs Here More Than You this morning. Started Girl with Curious Hair yesterday. I spent half an hour in the bookstore trying to find a book I wanted to read and was horribly disappointed by my choice and spent so long thinking about how this is why the book industry is failing, not because of technology, but because when I go to the bookstore there is nothing that I want to read. I ended up going alphabetically through the entire fiction section and did not find anything until I reach David Foster Wallace in the W's. I still have yet to get through the first story in Oblivion, another book of David Foster Wallace short stories. Sometimes he is so readable and other times he makes me feel bored and illiterate.

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