Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yesterday I bought a road bike, I would tell you what kind, but all I remember is that it's some kind of Jamis with an aluminum frame and I need to buy shoes that clip in and it costs more than some cars. After riding my steel-frame cruiser for two years, I am excited to ride a lightweight bike meant to go really fast, but I am terrified of this at the same time, hence why I originally wrote "face" instead of fast because my dad fractured a lot of bones in his face riding his bike.

Also I'm going running outside today. I'm really nervous. The worst part about running outside is that I can't just quit, I have to keep going. The run is just over 6 miles long, which I know I can do as I did it before, months ago, when I was in much less good shape than I am now and weighed 20 pounds more, so in theory this should be really excellent, but we'll see.

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