Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My roommate is half asleep on the couch. He has said:
You're cute, there's a cute boy in my dreams. 
Make me a baby. 
Will you make me a pelican baby?
Ringo has an accent. 
That was really mean, I'm sorry. 
Am I douche bag? 
(Tessa: He's lost his mind)
No, it's right here, it's in my head! It hurts!
If I sleep right here, will it hurt?
But it already hurts!
Tasha, I don't know if we can do this
It's really hard to eat lobster with this fingernails
Would you ever date a scally?
British people who are kind of skatery. They are your type actually
Will one of you fuck me please?
(bare ass)
You can use a spoon

And a multitude of things I don't remember because I am betrunken. 

Also, I hate people. 
And like people. 
It's like when you get crushed you get crushed forever and never return. 
I want it to be Friday and go to the Twin's game. 

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